Etsy listing:

This listing is for a custom knit baby Mega Man suit. It includes a knit helmet, arm bands, long booties, and a diaper cover/soaker. All items are knit in 100% wool yarn. This Mega Man suit is knit in bright blue, with lighter blue accents. I can make this in virtually any color combination you would like. If you’d like something other than the blue, please include your color choice in the notes to seller at checkout, or through a convo. If no alternate colors are specified, the set will be knit exactly as shown here.


This is kind of super-awesome; a forum post with a bunch of “demakes” of video games created by this artist for a gaming mag. It’s like taking the iconic imagery of the last few years and boiling it down to a pixel art minimalist style.

Love it.

Here are a bunch of demake mockups that I’ve made for swedish gaming mag Level over the last years. Many of these were made quick and dirty (relatively speaking) in order to make deadlines, so they’re not all that pretty to look at. But I figured I should post them somewhere so they don’t just gather dust on my hard drive. Any feedback is of course appreciated.

This guy needs a blog where he posts these as he makes them. They’re amazing.

(via Pixelation.)

(via Edge Online.)

Square Enix’s Nintendo DS remake of Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Reverie sold over 900,000 units during the week ended January 31 to debut atop the Japanese software chart.


I hope this means it’s on its way here; I was able to track down a copy of DQV (which has been out of print for a while) over the last week and I’m really looking forward to it.