I finally have my laptop back after a couple of weeks out of the house for a warranty repair on the Retina panel (I was seeing light leak spots in one corner of the screen).

It’s kind of interesting how fully I had adapted to not needing to be sitting at my desk to do computer-y things. Without my main laptop, I wasn’t able to relocate even within my own home, to say nothing of having the ability to work elsewhere.

I will say that Colorware (the company that customized my MacBook Pro) was aces with the support and warranty service. I wish they had communicated where I was in the process a bit more, but they hardly even asked questions about the return and it’s awesome that they stand by their customization work with a full year’s worth of warranty—since they are voiding the Apple one when they take your system apart to create the logo insert and paint it.

This should also mean some additional blog posting and testing now that I can more easily do those things in the evening. :)

(Photo credit: My new netbook from flickr user yurukov.)