February 2019

Some folks have asked for updates on how I’m doing with some of my initiatives for the year as outlined in my birthday post, so if you are not interested in personal stuff, you can skip this post. :)

High Fives Markel!

Get on My Wife’s Thanksgiving Day Level


I married a woman who goes big on Thanksgiving with no reservations. She’s the best, and she made today super amazing. We owe her a week off after this one.

(Check my Twitter stream for bonus pie pic.)

High Fives

Poutine and Run

One last time before I leave Toronto.


It’s Possible This Pan Is Not Level


Anatomy of a Fish Taco

Amanda made some of these delicious fish tacos tonight as a celebration of my new team assignment at work. They’re a good amount of work, but wow, are they delicious.

And for dessert? Chocoflan. :)


Making The Reuben

Yes, I bought an iPhone 4S. And today I needed to eat lunch. So with that in mind, let’s consider the following situation:

  1. I am an Automattician.
  2. I have a new phone with a completely amazing camera.
  3. I decided to make lunch.

What is the natural outcome?


The subject of today’s post is the Reuben sandwich. Consider the Reuben. It is an uncommon concoction of bread, cold cuts, kraut, and salad dressing.

It is also uncommonly good. You know the situation: you look at the menu and you see the Reuben. Your eyes then go over the remainder of the menu, but always come back to the Reuben.

Maybe you order it, however reluctantly. But in the end, no one ever says, “I wish I hadn’t ordered the Reuben.”

So let’s make one.

First, get the griddle nice and warm: 350° F. Then we throw the first steps on there:


Coat the griddle with butter, then place the bread slices on there. Soak up the butter with the bread and start it toasting. Use rye bread. Marble rye is best, but don’t get the soft stuff; it’s for babies and it has extra sugar added to it.

The next key is to get the kraut and the corned beef going. Use a 1/2 inch layer of kraut and put it on the buttered griddle surface. Then, lay the corned beef on top so you steam the corned beef over the kraut.

Cook everything until the bottom of the bread is nice and toasty. Now, we flip everything over.


(Yes; we are going to toast both sides of the bread.)

So now we get the corned beef heated up an extra bit, and begin assembling the final product. Put a tablespoon or so of the thousand island dressing on one slice of the bread, and the Swiss cheese on the other slice.

Do this until the corned beef is heated through and the Swiss has started to melt. It should only take a couple of minutes.



Quickly slap everything together for a final toasting and mingling. I like to put the kraut on top of the dressing slice and then cover with the beef and the cheese-melted slice.

Finish off the toasting of the sandwich to your personal specifications.



Serve and enjoy while it’s hot.


Gas Station Oatmeal


I’m thinking “no.”


Eggs with Tobasco and Sausage


My breakfast of choice recently. Low carb, simple, and good.


MacGourmet on Sale

For its 7th anniversary, MacGourmet is currently on sale for a great price, and you can get the standard version for $9.99 or the Deluxe version (what I just bought) for $24.99 on the App Store.

That’s about half-off for the Deluxe version. A great deal.


Burrito Rio Grande


I’m at El Maguey and you’re not. :)