Home Office 2.7

As I write this, there are sounds of drilling and cutting going on in my home as the electricians I hired to finish the work on my office are doing their thing and running cable that I’m not equipped to handle.

Other than some wall patching I’ll have to do after they are gone, this is basically the last step in getting to Home Office Release 3.0.

This past week, Amanda and I just went ahead and painted the office space. First thing to do was shove everything that was in the office to one place so we didn’t get paint on it:


Of course, we started with taping, which I did in the course of a workday, going upstairs with my standing breaks to tape a bit at a time.


We didn’t really waste much time and instead decided to just get on with it. I hated the area around the doorframe and when I started Amanda threatened to just do the whole thing herself because I’m insufferable when I have trouble doing something like this.


We did a coat of primer that was just sucked up by the walls (they had not been painted yet and were still just spray texture), and then a single coat of the color, which looks very nice if you ask me.


By the end of the night, we had a fully painted room, and in the morning sunlight Amanda did all the touch-ups while I was working.


I worked at the old folding table for about one afternoon, but at that point I got antsy about bringing stuff up to the room and got my desk up there, where it sits now waiting for the electricians to complete their work.


Hopefully, there’s not too much additional work that needs to be completed after they are done this morning. I need to mount a screen on the wall, move the desk to the correct place, and then wire everything up. It looks like I’ll need to do some wall patching in the boys’ room (where the wall is they ran the electrical up) and there are some huge drywall holes in the garage right now (but those can wait).

It’s getting close now. :)

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