Den/Office 1.3

Time to stop for the day.

It’s not all dry yet, but one gallon of paint, twelve beverages, five hours, and one baseball game later, we have a new room color. It’s not clear yet (until we see it in daylight) whether we’ll need a second coat, but our initial guess is that with the sanding we did and the paint quality we bought, one coat will suffice with a few touchups.

I did all the cutting in and the ladder-required portions of the room and my wife did all of the roller portions of the job. With the two of us working at it non-stop, it didn’t take all that much time, and we had a good time working on it together. It’s been hard to keep the children away from it because to them it’s quite interesting, but thankfully they (mostly) obeyed us and stayed upstairs while we finished the job.

Tomorrow we’ll take it easier as I’m sure we’ll both be sore from all the contortion that’s necessary to paint every bit of the room. As long as we like the look under daylight, we’ll probably put most of the wall hangings up, give another couple of passes with the vacuum, and maybe assemble the new desk. I suggested we use our steam cleaner on the carpet and that was not particularly well-received. :)

The new desk has arrived in three parts and it a bit intimidating. I hope to have the hard stuff done and just some leftover decoration and bookshelf moves remaining by the end of the week. I’ll keep taking pictures as we progress with the space and get it closer to done.