Den/Office 1.1

Well, it’s started now and there’s no stopping it; I’m committed to the action. Rapid iteration until I have a shippable product.

What got done today:

  • Disassembled the desk.
  • Patched a slight dent in the wall (you can see the patch to the right of the right-most window).
  • Took the hangings off the wall, put them on the chair, covered the chair, put it in the middle of the room.
  • Boxed up a bunch of stuff and moved it to the next room.
  • Started prep-sanding the wall that’s to the right side of the picture above.

There was a lot more stuff in the room than I thought there was, especially in the desk drawers. I’m kind of happy that the new desk doesn’t have any drawers, because it will be that much easier to not have crap accumulate over time.

A bit weird to disassemble the desk that I have been using since before I started working my current job at Automattic. It’s kind of like home territory for me. But it was just too huge and was too high to be comfortable for long periods of time, so in the name of positive change it needed to go.

I can already tell that the piano—which you can see to the left of the pano—is going to be the mortal enemy of this whole process. First, it’s gained most of the stuff I moved off the desk. Second, have you ever tried moving a piano?

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish the sanding and then paint the seams on non-colored corners and the ceiling/wall joints white. My house builder used a spray texture to finish the walls, which makes those bits very hard to finish evenly. I don’t want bits of the old color showing through here and there (and there are a few mistakes on the ceiling I would like to correct while I’m at it).