I’ve moved my hosting and am doing some testing with it, so you may notice some weirdness when you visit for a bit. If you do, please take the time to let me know.

On the other hand, if you see this message, that means you’re hitting the correct site. :)

Tonight’s been a game of flipping from one theme to another for me. I have been using Carrington for a while here, but I grew bored with the base look of the thing and wanted something a little more unique.

I worked with one for a while—even edited some old posts in order to fit the theme—but discovered a few problems in the admin side of the theme and unfortunately had to abandon it.

What I landed on is something that interests me greatly. It’s originally designed for a photoblog. The big thing you will notice is that it doesn’t have a traditional front page like most blogs do; it instead has a series of images. Each post on the blog will now have an image uploaded that works with the theme of the post. I’m going to use a combination of images from my own photography (something I intend to continue working on) and Creative Commons-licensed works from flickr like the one that accompanies this post.

I will of course give credit where credit is due for any and all CC-licensed images.

In addition, I’ve taken some steps to simplify here. You’ll notice that the new theme doesn’t support a standard sidebar. I’m OK with this, as I normally find that sidebars tend to get overly cluttered and stick out like sore thumbs. The main page wouldn’t work with them anyway, and if you’re interested in my Delicious links or in my Twitter posts, I’m sure you’ll just find your way over to those services anyway.

I’m also taking a large chunk of posts beyond a certain date, permanently archiving them, and removing them from the site. The past is great, and I will always have a record of those posts and stories, but right now I want to focus more on the present and on what I have going on. Everyone’s entitled to a reset once in a while.

(Photo credit: “Musical Chairs” by flickr user David Maddison.)

Not realizing that I had done so, I mistakenly left an upgrade to the most recent beta build of WordPress in my directory without running the corresponding database upgrade; this left my site partially inaccessible for a decent portion of the afternoon.

I’m also running unstable WordPress code for the time being, so if things get a little weird around here, I apologize.

On the other hand, WordPress 2.3 adds some really interesting changes, not the least of which is a new tagging interface that offers an interesting tandem relationship between categories in the old style and tags. It’ll take some time to work through (and tags are not going to appear in posts until I can alter the page template to include them). The changes are really quite nice, and the administration interface handles the differences very nicely.

Long story short:

I’m moving the family stuff off Drupal and back to WordPress. There are two side effects to this change:

  • The Drupal-originating posts won’t be here for a little while as I work on exporting/importing them, which shouldn’t take all that long.
  • My entire archive, from the last six years, is now once again available as part of my blog. It’s stuff that’s been missing for some time, and it still suffers from some Unicode problems from an import gone awry from long ago, but it’s all here, including the stupid categories I used to have (which I’ll be cleaning up soon).

This doesn’t change much for most people who are going to visit the blog, but my feed *has* been moved as well, and I’ll be redirecting my FeedBurner feeds in order to compensate.

Yes, it’s true:

I was on a bit of a streak recently, what with the daily updates and all.

Appears that’s all come to a screaming halt.  Lots of things have been going down, and unfortunately, this kind of thing tends to take a backseat to other things in my life.  I am sure you can understand that my blog is not the first and foremost thing on my mind when I’m dealing with things like trying to buy a house, going out of town for a long weekend, finishing my first major project at work and entering crunch time on another, or things like spending time with my wife and children.

That being said, I will try to hop back on the horse and begin posting with regularity once again, since I’m sure that some of you appreciated that I was actually commenting on what was going on.

Well, I’m now toying with WordPress instead of Movable Type, which was actually fortunate, since I didn’t have to do any work to move my old MT posts over to this new format.

It’s once again a stock design, at least until I go ahead and finish up the sermon I’m working on at the moment, so you’ll have to put up with that until I get the free time to change things.

I have to say that I rather like WordPress, though – especially from the administrative side – now if only they could get a stable, cross-platform blogging API out the gate, I’d be a happy man.

Well, I’d been looking at this place for a while now, and figured that I’d go ahead and start up one of these journals, mostly because my personal website is still a few months off, and partly because I will not give this journal information out to everyone on the planet (who can look at my personal website anytime they want).

I’ll have to do the niceties later (picture, etc.), but for now, this will do.

There’s not much else to say right now – I will have to come back to this later tonight.