And to Think You Figured I Was Actually Going to Update This Thing Every Day From Now On

Yes, it’s true:

I was on a bit of a streak recently, what with the daily updates and all.

Appears that’s all come to a screaming halt.  Lots of things have been going down, and unfortunately, this kind of thing tends to take a backseat to other things in my life.  I am sure you can understand that my blog is not the first and foremost thing on my mind when I’m dealing with things like trying to buy a house, going out of town for a long weekend, finishing my first major project at work and entering crunch time on another, or things like spending time with my wife and children.

That being said, I will try to hop back on the horse and begin posting with regularity once again, since I’m sure that some of you appreciated that I was actually commenting on what was going on.