Where Did Everything Go? And What Happened?

Long story short:

I’m moving the family stuff off Drupal and back to WordPress. There are two side effects to this change:

  • The Drupal-originating posts won’t be here for a little while as I work on exporting/importing them, which shouldn’t take all that long.
  • My entire archive, from the last six years, is now once again available as part of my blog. It’s stuff that’s been missing for some time, and it still suffers from some Unicode problems from an import gone awry from long ago, but it’s all here, including the stupid categories I used to have (which I’ll be cleaning up soon).

This doesn’t change much for most people who are going to visit the blog, but my feed *has* been moved as well, and I’ll be redirecting my FeedBurner feeds in order to compensate.