I grabbed the new Transformers game earlier today and gave the first Decepticon campaign level a spin this evening. This is a game that’s specifically meant to target my nostalgia and then attack it for ridiculous effect.

The best thing about it is that this is (so far) a pretty competent game. It’s full of giant robots blasting the crap out of each other, a story about Megatron’s megalomania, takes place on a planet where just about everything transforms, and has some solid fundamentals. It plays basically like a hybrid of Gears of War and Modern Warfare 2 in that it’s a third-person shooter (with no cover mechanic) and is heavy on the action.

Of course, you do have the ability to transform at will between vehicle and giant robot mode, which is half the fun—run into a room, shoot a few fools, then jump into the air and transform in mid-air into a car to zip away and recharge before attacking again.

Then again, all they needed was this trailer, because Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime could basically have said any kind of dialogue they wanted and all I would hear was “buy this game.” When I hear Optimus, I’m five again.

I haven’t dropped into the multiplayer yet other than during the demo, but it of course has a progression system like most shooters do now (though it tracks each class you can play as separately). And what’s with everything Activision having a Prestige-style system now? Blur had it, too.

I’m hoping that some kind of bizarre copyright lawsuit doesn’t bring this thing down, but for the time being, you too can experience gaming the way it once was in the day of monochrome displays and before modern graphics (or even ancient tile-based graphics systems really existed).

It looks a lot like this, updated with a nice look by Adium:


You can see the Jabber address used in the screenshot above. Don’t know what a Jabber client is? If you already use Google Talk, Trillian, or Pidgin, you’ve got one installed on your system.

You should also be able to send the appropriate message by clicking this link if you have a client installed and an active account.

(from Mind Candy Design, via Kotaku)