Alex Myers says that the main change he’d make to Sakura would be to have her do “slightly less damage in order to give her a better fireball/zoning game.”

I’d argue that a Sakura with a strong zoning game who does less damage is just Ryu with a better tatsu. :) Part of the reason I play Sakura is that I’m not by nature a rushdown player and she forces me to be more versatile.

That said, the changes in Ultra 1.04 are great for Sakura. Not having the EX tatsu (the standard combo opener because it’s safe on block) fly over heads is huge.

Last year, we planted a flowering cherry tree in our front yard. By the time we bought it, it had already flowered for the year. This is the first year we’ve been able to see it in bloom. The 桜 (sakura) appear in bunches of three on the branches. It’s not overly impressive yet, but I imagine as it matures, it will become very impressive to see.

As we are scheduled for some rough weather in the next couple of days, I decided to take some pictures now while the blossoms were still in one piece. I hope to take some pictures a little later after more of the buds have properly opened.

Perhaps we’ll grab a picnic blanket and lunch and celebrate 花見 (hanami). It’s nice to have a fun connection—however tenuous—both to our nation’s capital and to friends who live quite far away.