Get Your Social out of My Log In

I’m really, really starting to hate seeing this when I download a new application:

My objections:

  • What if I stop using the service I choose to log in to your application?
  • You are totally going to spam my friends and followers on the service I choose—likely without asking me.
  • I use different strong passwords for as many applications as is feasible to limit the surface area of any personal security compromise. You’re not letting me control my own security.

What I think when I see this:

  • You were too lazy to write your own login and authentication system.

It’s funny, yes, but it’s a fascinating …

It’s funny, yes, but it’s a fascinating glimpse at just how confused many people are about how web sites and browsers work. They don’t use bookmarks, they don’t type “” in the location field. They just Google for whatever they’re looking for and assume the first result is correct. All this argument over whether the iPad is too simple — if anything it’s probably still too complex.

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