Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

In case you did not know this (I didn’t until today), there is actually a ROM hacking team out there that pushes out a hacked Tecmo Super Bowl ROM every year with updated rosters.

Fire up your NES emulator and grab it here.

The Stonehenge Play

This is a perfect example of the “Stonehenge” trick play, where the offensive side stands around like they’re not ready for the play (but they are set and not moving) and then snaps the ball to confuse the defense.


Madden Video Highlights: Nice Touch

While chasing after an Achievement tonight, I managed a pretty decent punt return for a TD with the ‘Fins. I know, I know: bad team selection. But I wanted to post the video highlight because I think the capability to take a Flash video of a play in a video football game is one of the most awesome additions to sports games in a long time. No sound is a bummer, but it’s still a neat idea.