Moments of Triumph Guide: Celebrating Year One of Destiny 2

At tomorrow’s reset, Destiny 2 players start celebrating the Solstice of Heroes event—the culmination of the first year of Destiny 2 and a send-off leading into the release of Forsaken and the start of Year Two.

Part of Solstice of Heroes includes the Moments of Triumph, which are specific bounties you can complete for your Destiny 2 account for completing various activities throughout the first year of the game. The initial Moments were made public on July 7th, but a group of them remained hidden and couldn’t be completed until Solstice starts tomorrow.

I previously revealed these hidden goals here and explained what they are and how many points towards the maximum score they would provide. But in this guide, I’d like to cover the entirety of the Moments of Triumph and what they’ll provide to you when you earn them, so you know where to focus your attention for the remaining five weeks of Season Three and Year One.

You can also read up on Bungie’s official guide to Moments of Triumph and how they will work here. The deadline for completing the Moments of Triumph is 28 August 2018.

Where Can I See My Moments of Triumph Progress?

You can access your Moments of Triumph bounties by visiting the Statue of Heroes in the Tower. Once you have accepted the Bounties that give you the Moments of Triumph for turn-in, you’ll be able to see them in the Pursuits tab of your inventory.

You can also access your Moments of Triumph progress on in your account profile section. Sign in to, and click on the avatar for your account on the top right.

Then, select the View Profile option from the menu that appears.

Near the top of your profile on the page that will load next, there is a space with your current Moments of Triumph score. You can click on that to view a more detailed breakdown of the Moments you have or have not already completed.

The maximum number of points you can earn prior to the launch of Solstice of Heroes is 225.

What Are the Rewards for Completing Moments of Triumph?

There are five direct rewards available from Moments, and they each require a set number of total points. You will collect these rewards from the Statue of Heroes in the Tower.

Complete Any One Triumph: “Renewed Triumph” Emblem

125 Points: “The Right Choice” Ghost Shell

250 Points: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt Discount Code

For more information on the T-shirt, please see this page on the Bungie Store. The shirt can be personalized.

300 Points: Comrades in Arms Sparrow

400 Points: “Eternally Triumphant” Emblem

What Are the Moments of Triumph, and How Much Work Will They Be to Complete?

Here’s where we get down to what you’ll need to do if you want to earn that final emblem variant, or any prize along the way. We’ll start with the goals that are worth the least amount of points—as they’ll be the easiest to accomplish.

Some of these goals will be difficult to grind out on your account if you haven’t been playing Destiny 2 throughout the first year. We’ll talk about those, as well. And if you haven’t seen it yet, I have already written a guide to the requirements and optimizations for upgrading the Solstice of Heroes armor set, which is a key part of this process. You can find that guide here.

10 Points: Bringer of Light

Complete Destiny 2’s base campaign missions. If you progress quickly, this will take a handful of hours to run through. Most players of Destiny 2 will already have this Moment completed.

10 Points: Follower of Osiris

Complete the Curse of Osiris campaign. This Moment requires ownership of the first DLC pack. The Curse campaign is quite short and should take you only a couple of hours to complete.

10 Points: Awaken the Warmind

Complete the Warmind campaign. This Moment requires ownership of the second DLC pack. This campaign is also quite short and will take you only two to three hours to complete on a single character.

10 Points: Running Errands

Complete 25 Bounties. These are the Bounties you can collect from either Shaxx or Zavala in the tower, and require playing either Strikes or in the Crucible to complete. You should work on this Moment while completing armor progression that requires playing in either Strikes or the Crucible to optimize your time.

10 Points: The Hero We Deserve

Complete 25 Public Events on Heroic difficulty. Simply complete Heroic Public Events while on patrol. This should also be combined with grinding out armor progression to save you time. Don’t go after this Moment directly, but work it into your armor grinding.

10 Points: Treasure Hunter

Collect all Region Chests. You’ll need to get a list of the chests you have and have not opened. The best path to completing this is to make sure you have opened all of the chests using a single character. You can find which you are missing by looking at your profile on If you find that one or more are missing, try collecting them on your remaining characters.

You can find maps and locations for these either at Lowlidev’s mapping site or on the checklists at

15 Points: Fleeting Memories

Collect all 45 Latent Memories. This goal requires ownership of the second DLC pack. The Latent Memories are the elemental “plates” you can shoot throughout the Mars patrol zones. They gate the collection of Worldline Zero and the G-335 Anseris Overdrive Sparrow.

These are per-account, so you can collect them with any character you wish. You can find maps and locations for these either at Lowlidev’s mapping site or on the checklists at

15 Points: Check Out My Arsenal

Obtain 25 Exotic weapons or armor. You do not need to have all 25 in your Vault or inventory at once; you only need to have had them at any given time. If you are short here, you should consider saving Legendary Shards and purchasing any Exotics you have not already earned from Xûr each weekend. You can see which Exotics you have collected at Destiny Sets.

15 Points: I Will Smash You

Defeat 100 opponents in the Crucible. You can achieve this in any game mode and with any weapons, but they must be non-private matches. You should achieve this goal during your armor progression and will not need to grind specifically for it.

20 Points: Show Me the Way

Obtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell. This goal requires owning the first DLC pack, and is the goal that will take many people the most time and effort if they have not been collecting Forge weapons throughout Year One. How to achieve this via grinding is a bit much to describe here, but you can find a solid guide to doing this on Eurogamer here.

You will accomplish this partially through armor progression grinding, but the items necessary to complete the Forge quests are not available every week. You should target this grind specifically and make sure you have completed every Lost Prophecy available in a given week before reset if you don’t have this one completed already. Complete your armor progression, and then start grinding for the necessary materials as soon as you can.

20 Points: The Very Best

Reach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 3. This will also take you some time if you have not been running Strikes throughout the most recent season. You will make part of this progressing while upgrading armor sets, but will likely need to grind Strikes specifically as well to complete it if you don’t already have some rank.

Turn in Vanguard tokens to Zavala to progress your Vanguard Rank. You can see your seasonal rank on Zavala’s vendor screen, and the rank is shared by all characters on your account.

The fastest way to do this is to purchase Boons of the Vanguard from Zavala’s inventory using Legendary Shards, and have all members of your fireteam use one at the beginning of each Strike you run.

20 Points: Adventurous

Complete 20 Adventures. If you are fully progressing armor, you’ll need to run multiple Adventures anyway and should collect this Moment along the way—just make sure you run 20 different Adventures.

Adventures you have not yet completed will appear on the map in your Director. You should complete the 20 separate Adventures on the same character to ensure this Moment counts.

20 Points: Hive Extermination

Complete Tier 7 in Escalation Protocol. This Moment requires ownership of the second DLC pack. For Bungie’s guide to Escalation Protocol, please see here.

Escalation Protocol is an endgame activity that generally requires a coordinated fireteam. It can theoretically be done by a high-level team of three, but it is recommended that you attempt to instance with six or even nine players.

If you need a group to complete this task, please check various LFG services such as the100 to find a group.

20 Points: Valor Fabled

Reach Fabled in Valor ranking in Season 3. Valor is earned by playing in the Crucible in any playlist other than Trials of The Nine. This grind may take a significant amount of time if you have not played much Crucible. You’ll receive some progress towards this by doing armor progression tasks, and if you choose to Masterwork your armor set, will need to go even further to Legend rank.

You shouldn’t grind this separately until you have stopped upgrading your Solstice armor. A pure grind for this goal will take many hours.

20 Points: The Emperor

Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid. You’ll need a clear of the Emperor Calus encounter from the Leviathan raid activity. This will require a pre-formed group of six players, and is an endgame activity that will require a time investment and learning some complicated encounters.

If you need a group to accomplish this, consider checking LFG sites such as the100 to find a group.

20 Points: Prove Your Worth

Complete the Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs. This Moment requires ownership of both DLC packs. Completing these activities will require pre-formed groups of six players, and a time investment in learning the mechanics of each raid activity and the coordination necessary to complete them as a group. These are endgame activities.

Again, LFG sites such as the100 will help you to find groups. Many of these sites have specific searches you can run to find players willing to teach new raiders. Give them a try.

25 Points: In My Element

Collect 250 Elemental Orbs. Elemental Orbs are drops that come from enemies, much like ammunition drops. They can drop from any enemy you defeat, but are more likely to drop from Majors or Ultras. Elemental Orbs are most likely to drop the element of your current subclass, but can also drop the element of any weapon you use to defeat an enemy. Elemental Orbs are not generated in the Crucible.

If you are attempting to upgrade the armor set, these Orbs will drop for you as part of meeting those requirements, and you won’t need to grind for this Moment separately.

30 Points: Remember Who You Are

Complete each Redux Mission at least once. The Redux Missions will be more difficult versions of five selected missions from the base game’s campaign. You’ll need to play these anyway if you are upgrading your armor set, and will not need to grind for them separately.

50 Points: Fashion Hero

Upgrade the full Solstice of Heroes armor set to Legendary quality. This will take a significant amount of time to complete, and will require running various activities multiple times to accomplish. One goal will require you to either have a pre-made group of three players or to use the Guided Games feature to complete a Nightfall Strike.

You can find my guide to upgrading the Solstice of Heroes armor set here.

50 Points: Above and Beyond

Masterwork any Solstice of Heroes armor. This appears to mean any armor piece, not a full set. Masterworking the Solstice armor will take a significant amount of time or practice for some players and will require a group to accomplish in almost all cases. My guide to upgrading the armor set covers these requirements as well.


That’s what you need to do to grab all 400 points in this year’s Moments of Triumph. My son and I will start our grinding tomorrow evening into a day I’ve scheduled for us to spend upgrading armor on Wednesday. We’ll be streaming most of the day and I invite you to join us then. Follow my channel to be notified when we’re running.

If you have comments or corrections for this post, please drop me a line on Twitter and let me know.

Happy hunting!