Michael Kelly:

The reason we have something to learn is that we have tried to be Starbucks. We’ve tried to be slick, trendy, and hip. We’ve tried to be a place that is non-threatening and easy to come to. And when you walk in, you see beautiful people in holy jeans and black glasses, all looking very intellectual and hair-frosty. Additionally, we have tried to make church a low-demand environment, much in the same way Starbuck’s is. It’s low demand in that even though the basic premise of the store is selling coffee, some people don’t even go there for coffee at all. And nobody’s going to pressure them about the coffee. That sounds familiar, too.

A good point.

(via Cyberbrethren.)

I’m not sure how to feel about this:


I mean, on the one hand, you can’t fault them for looking to reach out and embrace the explosive popularity of the Wii and the theory that it will help people in their homes to evangelize when people as “Who’s that guy?”, but on the other hand, there’s the sticky issue of—you know—graven images and of the fact that this usually means that someone will have to play as Jesus.

If I’m going to give them any credit, it’s that they made him appropriately less… Caucasian than usually depicted.