Masterpiece: Robotron 2084 (via Ars Technica)

Ben Kuchera on why Robotron 2084 is one of the great games:

The game popularized the twin-stick design, where one joystick moved your character and the other controlled your direction of fire. (You only had one weapon.) The joysticks were of course digital back then, so you could only move and shoot in eight directions. There was no scrolling and there were no surprises. The game showed you the entirety of the level for a second before play began; you had a tiny moment to see the four walls and to take in where the enemies were and in what numbers. This was the game’s way of bowing at you before the attack.

(via Masterpiece: Robotron 2084.)

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  1. This game totally rules. My brother and I called it “The shooty moovy game”. One of us would take one joystick, the other the other. Hilarity!

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