Android TV: Controller in the Box?


Android TV, Google’s platform designed to deliver entertainment and games on televisions, may ship with an Xbox One-like controller, according to a photo of the alleged peripheral taken by Google I/O 2014 attendee Artem Russakovskii.

According to Russakovskii, the Android TV box will ship with the controller, which sports two thumbsticks, four face buttons, D-pad, home button, two navigation buttons, a line of four LEDs and shoulder buttons.

Android TV (and Razer’s new thing as well) now have the best chances to threaten the traditional console living room space, because the controller is in the box. (Though that hasn’t really helped the Ouya, for whatever reason.)

The Fire TV and Apple TV are never going to challenge the game space because Amazon hasn’t and I believe Apple won’t put a controller in the box with the unit. Ask anyone who has been around the console block for a while: if it’s not in the box, people don’t buy it and they don’t use it.

(Kinect is dead, by the way.)