Performance Sliders for Consoles?

Ben Kuchera in an opinion piece for Polygon with the current frontrunner for Dumbest Idea of 2014:

If a game running in 1080p at 60 fps is the ideal for gaming, the console that can get each game the closest to that ideal on a consistent basis it clearly the winner, right?

The PlayStation 4 seems to have a clear advantage in this regard, with ports being displayed at 1080p more often than we see on the Xbox One. Even Sony’s hardware has to juggle a number of variables before a game can be displayed at that mighty resolution, and most games aren’t running close to 60 fps once they get there.

Even Infamous: Second Son, one of the showcases of the PlayStation 4, runs at 30 fps. There is some question about the final resolution of Titanfall, but you can be sure it won’t be running at 1080p. Here’s an idea that could help with the arguing, or at least put more power in the hands of gamers: Give us a choice between performance and visuals.

A few things:

  1. The mass market doesn’t care about this stuff. THEY DON’T. It is the exclusive domain of internet forum whiners and “hardcore gaming” morons.
  2. It’s antithetical to the nature of consoles. I do most of my playing on consoles specifically because I don’t want to mess with these kinds of things.
  3. Decisions, not options.