Extra Life 2013 Recap


I unplugged over the Christmas break, so I didn’t have much of a chance to update here on how things went for my Extra Life marathon last month, but in the end I had a pretty great time. There weren’t that many people watching the stream, but in the end I raised $710 out of my $1,000 goal.

I want to thank all the friends, colleagues, and family who donated and the (very few) who watched the stream because without your support I wouldn’t have raised a dime or made a difference.

I managed to clear three games from my backlog by finishing them out during the marathon, and I played the beginning of Terranigma for the very first time (I plan on catching up on that one at some point here because it was a lot of fun).

The 2014 marathon is already on the schedule for this year, and I’ll be participating again. I’ll link things up here when I’m ready, but I’d appreciate your support this October as I run some games and livestream for another 24 hours.

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  1. Congrats on finishing it and raising all the money! It was cool to hop in to the livestream at 3am at night and see you awake and kicking :)

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