Extra Life 2013: Your Game Suggestions—I Want Them

I spent tonight doing some testing for my Extra Life marathon on Friday, and it’s a good thing, because I ended up finding more than one thing that needed to be changed up and prepared before starting.

The big thing is that Open Broadcaster Software sadly doesn’t have full support for my capture device yet. In testing, I found that better support does exist for Xsplit. I would prefer to use OBS at least for the fact that it is open source, but without full support for the Game Capture HD, I don’t think I can do that.

The better news is that by getting things set up with Xsplit for now, I’m able to get Wii content working in the stream, which means that we’ll be squeezing in some extra retro action through the marathon here and there. Combined with my absurd backlog, that means I have plenty of things to choose from for the stream.

Is there something you’d like to see me play for at least part of the marathon? I’m interested in your suggestions. If you do, please leave a comment on this post, or if you would rather make your suggestion privately, you can send me an email instead.

Things I’m already considering:

  • I own Dark Souls, but have never played it past the beginning of the tutorial. An hour or two with my first experience with Dark Souls would be kind of fun. (Late, of course.)
  • There will be an hour of Rock Band.
  • If I can grab the right friends, there’s going to be some RBI Baseball happening for sure.
  • The same with NHL 94.
  • I’ve been looking at some quick XBLA-style games as well, or maybe some tooling around in Minecraft or something similarly light.

So what’s your weird, awesome, or just plain fun suggestion?

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  1. I’m thinking some Saint’s Row IV mayhem in the middle of the night is required. I also wouldn’t mind some Rainbow Six Vegas for old time’s sake.

    And you just want to play NHL ’94 so you can slaughter me. I’m terrible at that game but I can button mash with the best of ’em.

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