Elgato Game Capture HD Test Run

I bought a Game Capture HD this week and the first thing I did with it was a quick one-fight run in VF5 Final Showdown:

My initial thoughts: great piece of hardware and super-simple to use for capturing. It’s not really usable as a source for anything multicam, which is a shame, but it looks like there’s nothing else on the market that really is, at least for the Mac (you always have to basically record the on-screen preview of the capture device). This is a shame as I was hoping to use it for some live streaming.

I’m hoping Elgato will release an update to the software that makes it usable for such an application. I asked their support team and haven’t heard back; if I can find something that makes streaming easier I might return this and go with that.

You can’t really mix any other audio sources here, either (say, if you wanted to do commentary while you were playing). It’s a shame they didn’t think of that as all you have to do is check out YouTube for footage of people doing that pretty much anywhere.

I’ll put some larger thoughts on it down later.

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