The Cloud Backup Recommendation Thread

I am currently looking for a solution to back up my photos and other important files somewhere off site. I am already working on a good solution for here at home but would like a solid recommendation for a service that gives me an option in case that backup somehow fails or if the house burns down or something similar.

Points to consider for me:

  • Please have used it if you’re going to recommend it. :)
  • Pricing isn’t everything, but it’s something.
  • It needs to be easy to use and somewhat fire-and-forget. I need to trust that’s it’s got my back without needing to look over my shoulder.
  • I’d prefer a recommendation for a company that has at least some confidence level in that they will be around for a while. I don’t want to have to switch unless I have to.

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  1. Crashplan! I have a 300gb backup at Crashplan, and it’s amazing! I can access my files anywhere in the world without dragging them with me. Check out their Trial, you’ll love it :-D

  2. CrashPlan, no doubts!

    With a $12 ( family unlimited ) plan I can:
    – Backup all my machines to the cloud
    – Backup all my machines on local disks
    – Exchange backup key with friends who also use CrashPlan and then we can backup distantly using each other disks.

    First backup an be long, and full restore also, but in case of emergency, you can ship real HDD back and forth to make it faster.

    Nope, this message is not spam even if it looks like ;) and I have no shares there, but it is the first time I have a backup service that is complete, cheap, and just works without bothering me. ( I have been using it for a few months already ).

  3. I use s3cmd and a cron job. I guess it probably works but I should probably check into that. It’s probably not cheap if you have loads of files (which I don’t). This Crashplan thing sounds pretty nice.

  4. Another one for Crashplan, for all the reasons mentioned above.
    I use it to backup two computers both to the cloud and to my home server, so I have local and remote backups.
    Backup sets are really useful too – if you want to, you can have complete control of what to backup when and where.

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