1Password Moves to the Mac App Store

1Password, which is a great app that many of my colleagues and I use to manage logins, has recently transitioned to the Mac App Store.

This is significant if you use it because all future versions will be sold only on the App Store. From the Agilebits blog post:

How much does the Mac App Store version cost, and what about 1Password 4.0?

For 1Password’s debute in the Mac App Store, we decided to introduce it with a 50% off sale price in order to celebrate, offer a great upgrade path for our existing customers, and of course make a big splash for our new customers.

Plus, 1Password’s $20 price in the Mac App Store is cheaper than our upgrade price from 2.x when we released 1Password 3 over two years ago. Now, we’re not the type of company to charge for a mid-version point upgrade, but we have to charge something in the Mac App Store, right? So check this out: Because 1Password 4.0 will be a Mac App Store-only upgrade, you can get into the Mac App Store now at 50% off 1Password’s usual price, $5 less than our previous upgrade price, and get 1Password 4.0 as a free upgrade.

This means that—because of how the Mac App Store works—if you want upgrade pricing to version 4, you have to buy it while it’s on sale, or you’ll be paying full price.

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  1. It’s $24.99 @ 50% off, currently (November 24, 2011)… The “50% off sale price… $20” is a bit misleading…

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