Help Me Find an Email Client!

I’ve been using Thunderbird for a very long time. I love it. It’s one of my best friends, and it helps me get things done.

However, it doesn’t support some of the flashier stuff in OS X Lion and I would like to try and find an email client that’s more likely to. So I need your help in selecting a replacement. To aid you in giving me advice, here’s how I work with email and what features I certainly need in a new app:

  • It must support bottom-posting by default. By this, I mean when I hit “Reply,” my cursor is placed, ready for bottom posting. (This is what has ruled out in the past for me.)
  • It must be able to send plain text emails without me having to fuss with anything. I want to be able to set one option and then not have to change anything ever again.
  • It needs good search.
  • It needs to be able to show me emails in a conversation view. Threaded would be awesome.
  • It needs to be able to search within Thunderbird-created archive folders (or at least make it easy for me to understand how it archives).
  • It needs to either already support or be likely to support Lion stuff in the future, such as full-screen use.

So here’s how I work with email: I run through my messages with a preview pane open, with one finger on the “delete” key and one finger on the “archive” key. If it’s an email I need to reference later, I archive it. (I don’t use folders. Everything goes into one archive and then I use search to find it if I need it later.)

If I’m not likely to need the information again, or if I can get the information from other sources, I will simply delete the email.

If an email needs a response, I reply to it right away using key shortcuts, then I archive it immediately. Once I’ve relayed the required information, it’s out of my inbox and out of my mind.

So that’s how I use email—any suggestions for a new client? I’m interested to hear what you have to say in the comments.

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  1. I’m a big fan of PostBox. I’ve completely dropped from usage on my macs. At the same time I’ve also scrapped iCal and instead use BusyCal.

  2. What Paolo said. I’ve been using the Lion beta for several months. I think it does everything you are suggesting.

    I don’t know is Sparrow supports plain text, but that might be another great option.

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