We’re Thankful That the Answer to Our Question Appears to Be “Nothing.”

I have two other, much more mundane posts in the draft hopper that are going to be posted later today when I get the time to do so, but both video games and my stuff breaking seemed at least a bit trivial in the wake of this afternoon’s slight scare that I’m not too worried about getting to them until after the children are in bed and my wife has returned home for the evening.

Early last week, Amanda began to display very faint signs that she was headed for pre-term labor with Hannah. We didn’t think much of it the first day, but when it happened a couple of days in a row, we were mildly concerned, so I had her call her doctor. She was told that she should report to the women’s evaluation unit at the hospital if she should experience any further symptoms like those she had seen, to at least go through some tests and maybe an examination to make sure she wasn’t going to have the baby anytime soon.

Guess what happened today.

Amanda left to go to the hospital not long after lunchtime today. She had gone upstairs to take a nap, and I had begun working on a few things in the living room, when she came downstairs noticeably upset. She packed a few things in a bag and took off as quickly as possible for the hospital (ours is nearly an hour away from our house). The kids were still sleeping at this point.

This of course touched off a few hours of my being extremely worried, nervous, and concerned that something might be wrong with either Amanda or Hannah. I haven’t been able to concentrate on much.

Thankfully, I’ve heard not very long ago that the doctors can’t figure that there’s anything wrong that deserves immediate attention or a holdover at the hospital, so they’ve done some blood work and are now basically waiting for her blood pressure to settle down (she was a bit upset about things) before releasing her. I’m assuming that we’re going to have to pay pretty close attention to her situation as we progress closer and closer to Hannah’s delivery date, and I’m almost certain at this point that I will have to cancel my trip to Chicago to present at the Northern Illinois District conference.

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t tell her she needs to go on extended bed rest. She’s already under orders to do so until the middle of this week, and she tries as much as is possible while I’m still going to work.

I hope everything will be all right.