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The links of the day post you’ve all been waiting for.

Reuters: Sony’s UMD format is on the way out

Tell me something I don’t know. Yet again, Sony comes out of the technological gate with a great technology that might be useful in some kind of application, makes it proprietary, restricts it to the point that no one can really do anything about it, makes it compatible with only one kind of device and markets it as though it is the next big thing.

The difference between Sony and Apple is that Apple does this to product that people actually want.

As I’ve mentioned before in the site blog, if this sort of thing happens with the PlayStation 3, I think Sony can kiss both the video game generation and Blu-Ray goodbye.

HD Beat – Creating your own component cables

Something every home theater buff should take a look at. When I was selling at Circuit, I would recommend the Monster stuff to people based on the fact that, if you’re a regular consumer, and you don’t have access to this equipment and/or really don’t know what you’re doing, Monster Cables are actually not as bad as some people make them out to be. They are expensive, sure, but you do end up with a good quality cable, and that’s more than most people would pick if they had their chance.

But people who know better and aren’t afraid to take some chances every now and then should look into buying their own cable equipment and making their own runs of good quality cable. I know that I’m going to either be doing this when I nab that high-quality HD set a little down the road, or I’m going to be buying custom lengths from Blue Jeans Cable, who use exactly the same equipment, cabling, and connectors in their products.

Dennis Forbes: A study of the availability of .com top-level domains

Great read here on the statistics of domain name registration, and more specifically, how sad it is that so many domain names are snapped up by speculators with the hope of driving up those prices or offering services that no one really wants or needs. For the wondering, yes, is already taken by one of these wonderful companies. They’ll sell me an e-mail address! Oh, joy!

These stats are broken down quite well and make for a great “did-you-know” topic to read over a few minutes.

Home Theater Blog: What about Bose?

Read this if you have ever thought that you’d really like one of those cute little Bose systems in your living room. Yes, they are small. Yes, they market them very well to appeal to people who don’t want a lot of clutter.

Yes, your retailer is being offered incentives to sell them – and the markup is quite extraordinary.

But the quality on Bose products is middling at best compared to other products in that price range. I have a pair of Bose bookshelf speakers, and if I hadn’t picked them up on absolute closeout sale, I would have felt completely ripped off. Just read the article if you have any interest in buying home theater equipment. You’ll be more informed as to their marketing and sales tactics – which are effective, but questionable at best.

Digg: Thousands of free video game soundtracks for download

I knew this place existed, and have been using them for quite some time now. I just wanted to link this article because there are also some useful links to other sites within the comments, including a cheat to get some of the great Square soundtracks to show in the listings on Galbadia Hotel. It can take some time to download the music, and I’v efound some of the files to be of meh quality, but it’s still a very nice resource for some of the most off-the-wall music you will find.

Some of these guys are true artists and demand more appreciation for their work. Trust me.

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  1. Thanks for the 133t article on Wikipedia. Now whenever one of the Jr. High kids complains about not being allowed to cite Wikipedia as a source, I can point them to this article and tell them it’s because they cited JeffK as a credible reference.

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