I Hear This Links Post Can Run Two Operating Systems

The nerd news of the year (and it’s only April) leads off this installment. (Now page-divided for your viewing pleasure!)

Apple: Boot Camp Beta
OSx86 Project: Boot Camp or Enemy Action? What the Beta Means

After a few months of telling people that they, in the words of Phil Schiller, “wouldn’t stop people from booting Windows” on the new Intel-based Macs, and not too long after a couple of other guys won $12,000 for being the first to verify the ability to boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac, Apple has gone and done something so completely preposterous and interstingly cool that I honestly checked the date on the article to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool’s post I had simply missed.

They are beta-testing an officially Apple-developed application that will re-partition your drive for Windows XP, handle the tricky EFI to BIOS conversion, and also create for you a drivers CD that will allow your hardware (with a few notable exceptions) to work in Windows, including video and sound drivers, which weren’t working before.

I’m now officially on board with the Intel Macs, and harbor a (not-so) secret desire to own one in the near future. The iMacs are great, but I’m holding out to see what they cram into the Power Mac space to replace the G5. You can’t help but know that it’s going to be impressive.

Joystiq: Sony exec leaks PS3 pricing in France
SPOnG: US developers mention PS3 pricing

Whoa. Sony has pretty much guaranteed that I won’t be buying a PS3 until at least a year after launch. Short stocked and overpriced in the $499 to $599 range? No thank you. I’m sure that, like the PS2 – which I eschewed until relatively late in the life of the console – I will wait this one out until some absolutely spectacular games come out that will literally force me to buy one in a poorly judged act of gaming lunacy.

I understand that they think that Blu-Ray is the bee’s knees and all, but I don’t think the next generation of gaming is worth this much. I’m also scared that, with DVD-based games for the 360 costing $60 from the third-party developers, we’re going to be headed into a catridge-generation price world where games will regularly cost $60 to $80 each.

I and my wallet are not looking forward to this day.

Apple: Macgyverisms widget

Wondering how you’re going to save the day? Take a look at a random method by which your own personal hero once spuriously engineered a miracle of some sort out of random items found in a random location (missing construction steps or ingredients, of course, because we wouldn’t want kids repeating what they see on TV!).

My PowerBook chugs enough as it is with the widgets I have, but it’s nice to know that things like this are out there and that people still remember MacGyver.

Productdose.com: Top ten coolest laptop cases

I’m all about the Halliburton case. They peg it dead on that it’s very 24-oriented. The Japanese wooden laptop case, however, definitely deserves a special mention as something that’s so ridiculously impractical and wild that it could only have come from an artist.