Adding a Custom Sharing Service to Sharedaddy or Jetpack

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    1. ShareDaddy was designed to deliberately limit the number of services shown so as not to overwhelm users with too many choices, but still to provide a method by which people could add their own services that they might use from time to time.

      I’ve added these instructions here mostly as an extracurricular for people who might be curious and need a little extra assistance.

  1. Hey Ryan!
    Thanks for the plugin, I was eagerly waiting for you guys to make it available for self-hosted WP!
    I’ve translated it to pt_PT – where should I send the .po and .mo to?

  2. Thanks for choosing Delicious as your example! That’s exactly the one i was having trouble with!! Love your plugin, thanks! It’s so much cleaner than having separate plugins for each service, and is more admin-friendly than some of the other aggregate plugins i’ve tried

  3. thanks for this post, it cleared up some issues i was having. I drove myself near nuts trying to get the variables to work but your point by point instructions made all the difference. Now i just need to track down tiny images.

    thanks again!

  4. Hello! Congratulations – this plugin is very interesting. I already have a version for WordPress self hosted but the feature I liked best in pulgin on was the LIKE button. The Sharedaddy, self-hosted, has no such function. Is there a possibility to include? How?


  5. Hi,
    Great plugin, thanks a load!
    A small query – is the a simple way to have the buttons appear before a blog post’s content, rather than after?

  6. Hello. For anyone who may be interested, I just figured out how to create a Sharedaddy button for Blogger. Actually, the results are pretty much the same as tweeting to Twitter.

    The code to use is the following:

    This will properly fill in the title field on Blogger.

    Like Twitter, the actual Blogger blog entry is limited to 140 characters, and will look like this:

    Goodbye ShareThis and Hello Sharedaddy!: “Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, today I spent some time making some additional graphical

    The part before the colon is actually the title of the post, and is a link to the post as well.

    The part after the colon is the opening line of the blog entry. Its length on Blogger depends on how many characters were taken up by the title/link.

    In other words, if your title/link is 20 characters in length, the actual quote from the blog entry will be 117 characters in length. That is because the 140 characters apparently includes the exclamation mark, the colon, the space and the quote mark.

    I hope this helps someone.

  7. Ryan, I was surprised to find that the buttons are limited to fixed positions on posts and/or pages. That’s a limitation i’m not used to with existing services such as AddThis. Are you planning on sorting this out so that Theme builders have more flexibility with its use?

  8. Hello! Can you explaine me how to add PDF button to Sharedaddy? I’d like to be very simple, and very nice looking when post is downloaded. Maybe few possibilities if you know.

  9. Hi, how do I put the same button that you have here on your site “Like this” where the avatars are under?

  10. hi – hoping someone can help me with this… i love this plugin, but what i really need/want to do is MOVE it. It shows up ABOVE post pagination, which, in the cases where my clients have multi-page posts, is really not helpful.

    my php skills are not why i get hired :D so, if someone could offer some insight into WHERE i need to make changes to get sharing to appear BELOW the wp_link_pages in the loop, i would be eternally grateful.

  11. Hi
    I was looking for a way to add the Facebook Like Avatars box you have on this blog – the one under the share buttons – in the WPL-Like div that says: “*20 people like this” and then shows all 20 persons avatars from Facebook. Is this done with the Sharedaddy plugin and is this available for self-hosted WordPress blogs or not please?

  12. Hi all…

    Hi Ryan..,
    How are You? Perhaps everything running well :)

    This is a nice and helpful info
    Mmm I start to add my own sharing services and It seems work, but I have only one difficult thing here. It’s about text I have to fill into the Service Name on Add new service dialog box.
    After I completed the dialog box, I found the text on the Icon created is overlapping. Would You tell me how to get this thing right ?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi… I’m back,

    The problem has been solved ;)
    When I look back, I finally realize that the error occurred was caused by the icon that I choose.
    I pick the icon that by default already has text, so if I add more text it will definitely overlap.

    Keep sharing

    1. If you are using the Publicize feature on your Twitter username should be added rather than the @wordpressdotcom one. (If you test with one of my posts you should see it via @ryanmarkel).

  14. I have had very much use of this plugin and it have worked in almost any browser. I have used it on many sites. I still miss the Google+ button. Anyone who knows how to install one?

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