For a project I’m working on, I wanted to take the sidebar in Twenty Ten and move it to the left side instead of the default. I played with it for a while and received some help from my colleague Ian Stewart, who kindly pointed out that I’d typo’d a CSS comment. (That wasn’t completely embarrassing.)

Turned out that at one point I’d had it and didn’t know it. Thanks again, Ian.

To post for my own recall and for anyone who might be looking to do it, here’s what to add to your Custom CSS if you’d like a left sidebar:

/* LAYOUT: Two columns-reversed
   DESCRIPTION: Two-column fixed layout with one sidebar LEFT of content */

#container {
margin:0 0 0 -240px;
padding:1em 0;

#content {
margin:0 20px 0 280px;

#primary,#secondary {