I’ve been having a lot more problems with Simple as of late, and I noticed when logging in this morning that some additional information was available concerning the one that’s been the most annoying:

Balance Display Issues: Some settled charges may not immediately reduce your displayed Available balance or Safe-to-Spend. This is temporary and all displayed balances will update when another transaction posts to your account.

Check Hold Display Issues: When a check hold expires, funds are released to your account, but the hold may still be visible in your transaction list and your balance may not appear to increase. When another transaction posts to your account, your displayed balance will update to reflect the new check funds.

So let me get this straight.

Simple—a banking service I switched my disposable income to because it was miles ahead of any other bank when it came to mobile usage and funds movement—now has a hard time accurately displaying how much of your money they have. And there is no notification as to when this might ever be fixed.

I’ve already overspent a goal twice because the amount they say I have isn’t the amount I have. It’s only a matter of time before a payment is declined for something I thought I had the money for.

Simple now doesn’t even qualify as a basic service bank because the service can’t perform arithmetic properly.

Recently, I switched back to using Google Reader from a short experiment with Feverº. As part of the switch back, I decided I would wipe my list of subs and start over to make sure I was prioritizing and categorizing appropriately.

In doing so, I stumbled across this post on the Google Reader blog from back in 2005. It contains a small bookmarklet labeled “Show all feeds” that I now use all the time as it simplifies the process of subscribing to feeds from just about any site, as long as they are announcing their feeds.

Just drag the bookmarklet up to your bookmarks bar on whatever browser you prefer to use. When you visit a site you’d like to add to your subscriptions list, click it. You’ll see something like this:

Then, click on the link that corresponds to the feed you’d like to add. It will open in Google Reader, where you can click the little Subscribe button.