Happy 6K Morning

I’ll be starting the race at 8:06 Central time this morning. They’ve got live results available, which you can see here:

I’ll post pictures and some other information as soon as I can, but shooting for under 90 minutes! Closer to an hour would be great.


Six K’s Is a Lot of K’s for Me

(And strangely enough, this is not about baseball.)

I posted this in my Twitter feed, but thought I would crosspost it here for my followers: I have registered to run the Cardinals Care 6K here in St. Louis in September. For me, it’s going to be an interesting journey to see if I have the ability and the willpower to really rock it.

I am keeping a separate blog for it so this one isn’t inundated with posts about what I’m eating and how I’m doing with getting ready. If this is the kind of thing you’re interested in, or if you want to make a donation to my entry in the race, head on over to that blog: