Jeffrey Zeldman:

Work is work, and we must do what we must do. But when quality matters most, the old saw about “good or fast—choose one,” holds true. Pushing through to the finish line when you have nothing left inside you is great for marathon runners, but not so hot for creative professionals. In particular, if you’re trying to write clearly and well, it’s better to let a deadline slide by a day than to “just finish up.”

There are points of diminishing returns when dealing with creative work. The point is well taken.

I actually just let myself have a nice little end to the weekend. No work.

Amanda and I pulled out the telescope and caught Jupiter and the larger moons (she’d never seen before). The moon was likewise very nice tonight.

Then I did some light rocking out with fake instruments for the first time in about a month.

A friend told me to take it easy, so I did.