This is a series of 15-minute talks. Three talks, then a 30 minute break, then three more talks. Separate notes for each talk. Lots of people in here; people sitting in the aisles and standing in the back.

Ten Cool Things That Can Happen in Convergence This Year – Or Not

  • Social becomes the thread
    • The place where we get everything delivered and filtered (what most people think of when they think of Facebook)
    • Facebook is just the beginning (100MM people using the Facebook mobile, now on Xbox, DSi, Internet-enabled TVs, etc.)
  • Location matters
    • Gowalla/Foursquare
    • Our current location becomes part of our interactions – where we are and what we are doing
  • Entertain me now
    • Cloud-based entertainment repositories
    • Any platform, any time
    • Streaming, satellite radio, Slingbox, etc.
  • Birth of the frontchannel
    • Interaction while watching something – social interaction
    • MLB application for iPad
    • More rich experiences around live events
  • Commerce atomizing
    • Commerce experiences no matter where or what we are doing
    • Raves and reviews about products everywhere
    • Clothing modeled on a picture of you in real-time
    • Socially-enabled coupons that are trackable amongst friends and give rewards to the hand-out-er
    • Commerce apps in Facebook and iPhone apps – things like image recognition for book titles in the B&N application – every store becomes a B&N store
  • Life is a game
    • Game theory and mechanics are now integrated into more and more of our physical activities
    • Facebook friends and competition on numbers – Twitter followers
    • Miles run on Nike+
    • Badges/mayorships on Foursquare and pins on Gowalla
    • Loyalty programs
  • Interactive products
    • Increasing conditioning on having interactive interaction with physical things
    • Augmented reality
    • Barcode scanning things
    • QR codes
  • Your reality will be augmented
    • Not quite the holodeck, but more immersion into heads-up display things
    • From jet fighter HUDs to the first-down marker when watching TV
    • Fashionista
    • Lego – hold out box to kiosk and watch it be built on TV right there in-store
    • Project Natal
    • Bing AR maps – TED talk
  • Digital is the new paper
    • Tablet computers will usher in a new era of publishing
    • More interactivity and web-enabling
    • Digital publications changing how we interact with content – print-level design to things that are interactive and have things like video and social interactions
    • Connected advertising – buy things right from the ads
  • Rise of the connected things
    • Have we converged? When my bathroom scale will tweet my weight, we’re converged (this actually does exist).
    • Nike+, Sync, Poken

Blog posts currently in the germinating stage:

  • More on my recent adventures into understanding the GPL, WordPress and the GPL, and thoughts about Daniel Jalkut’s GPL ruminations
  • A simple “how I’m doing it and how you can to” regarding blogging/webapp usage and Fluid for Mac OS X
  • A little write up on my visit(s) to CP Pinball over the past two months and my personal recollections of pinball

Gary Hamel on managing what he terms the “Facebook generation” (I’m abridging the list to remove his explanations, so you would do well to read the whole article):

I compiled a list of 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life. These are the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.”


  1. All ideas compete on an equal footing.
  2. Contribution counts for more than credentials.
  3. Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed.
  4. Leaders serve rather than preside.
  5. Tasks are chosen, not assigned.
  6. Groups are self-defining and -organizing.
  7. Resources get attracted, not allocated.
  8. Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it.
  9. Opinions compound and decisions are peer-reviewed.
  10. Users can veto most policy decisions.
  11. Intrinsic rewards matter most.
  12. Hackers are heroes.


These features of Web-based life are written into the social DNA of Generation F—and mostly missing from the managerial DNA of the average Fortune 500 company. Yeah, there are a lot of kids looking for jobs right now, but few of them will ever feel at home in cubicleland.

The generation gap between the Boomers and Generation Y/Me/F/whatever-you-want-to-call-them is going to be a big battleground in the business world over the next few years, if it hasn’t already begun. These are two groups with vastly different expectations of what it means to be part of something.