After some worrying that it wouldn’t arrive in time, my wife’s gift to me for Father’s Day arrived exactly when it needed to. With all the hints that had been thrown around and the concern about the delivery, I asked if she would give it to me a day early.


It’s a fantastic build (actually two fantastic builds, put together) from Chris McVeigh, who makes some of the most fascinating LEGO builds I’ve ever seen. If you aren’t following him on Twitter, I recommend you do so.


On his site, you can read the build instructions for his creations, or for many builds, you can purchase a kit with all the needed parts. This one is a stone garden, and then a tree for the center.


It’s such a fitting gift; it looks great in my office area and it matches the flowering cherry tree we have in the front yard, right out the window I look out every day when I’m working.

My children (with some help from their mother) pooled together some of their savings to buy me a LEGO set for Father’s Day, and today we spent some time together and assembled it.

It’s no surprise or secret that I really do love The LEGO Movie, and Benny is basically what I was like as a child: somewhat manic, space obsessed, and ready to build a ship at a moment’s notice.

I’ve seen these before and they are definitely the most unique business cards I’ve ever seen.

We got this business card LEGO person from LEGO Universe Creative Director Ryan Seabury yesterday, and every single person we have showed it to since agrees that it is indeed the best form of sharing contact information ever seen. Seabury’s name and likeness are on the front, and his phone number and email are on the back of the little guy.

via Seen@E3: The best business card ever | Joystiq.