I would say “let’s celebrate the return of hockey,” but:

  1. Preseason hockey isn’t really hockey and it’s barely televised so whatever
  2. Baseball is still going and I live in a city that actually will have a team playing in October

Canada’s off the hook, though; their two teams (the Jays and the Mariners) aren’t within shooting distance of the playoffs, and this is still the part of the year when Canadians convince themselves that their respective teams have a chance at the Cup.


I was going to make some kind of awesome quip about how this was going to be really hard because Hull’s Twitter account is either done 90% of the time while completely stoned, or some kind of weird performance art, but the account is gone from Twitter. (Really; I was going to include some prime example Tweets. There were a lot of them.)

Example of the kind of chatter this is provoking:

We’ll miss you, @2ndBestHull.