The 58 Playable Characters in Project X Zone 2

You should be interested in Project X Zone 2. Here’s a link to the complete list of characters in the game, in case you were wondering.

Kotaku has the complete list of characters on your team in the upcoming sequel to Project X Zone, which is really one of the more interesting success stories of the 3DS and the eShop.

It’s technically the third game in a series. The first, Namco X Capcom, was only released in Japan and never made it here. The second was Project X Zone, which seemed a longshot for making it to North America but later ended up doing so as a limited release.

Now, we’re getting a pre-order bonused wider release for the third game. I’m currently in the middle of finally trying to finish Project X Zone to try and stay ahead of the February release of the next game.

It’s as good as I remember from my initial partial playthrough. An interesting mix of characters with a fairly thin plot, just to mash together various franchises.