Live Another Another Day?

Man, Live Another Day wasn’t the best 24 has ever been, so I guess that’s over and done with, even though they ended it on a cliffhang—

During the 2015 FOX upfronts press call, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, chairmen and CEOs of the Fox Television Group, revealed that another edition of “24” is in development.

Oh, hm.

Well, I’m not sure I would be all that interested in another one of those; what else could they—

Details are scarce at this time, but perhaps the seed for a new “24” season was planted on the “Live Another Day” Blu-ray/DVD release. A special feature on the discs shows Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) in solitary confinement, offering to spill secrets to the Department of Justice in exchange for release from solitary. The request is denied, but someone plants some secret plans for escape in the lawyer’s glasses and in the end, Tony is seen looking at the escape plans.



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  1. I kind of miss the excitement, fast-paced story of 24. But I’d have a hard time telling which season was the best one.

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