Is Ferguson About to Get Better, Or Worse?

Last night in Ferguson (which is around 30 miles from where I am in the St. Louis metro) was a crazy series of happenings, with the arrests of several people in the media, one elected St. Louis city official, and numerous protesters.

Some reports showed/described members in the crowd responding to the police firing control measure by throwing molotovs back in the direction of the police.

It’s been clear from the start that the County PD is largely at fault for what’s going on here. They are the ones with the heavy gear and the armored vehicles, and they have been named as being in charge of the site.

Now comes a handful of news tweets about what’s going on. First, a state representative claims that the county PD is being relieved from the scene today:

Then, the Ferguson PD chief (who is completely in over his head right now) is planning on two press conferences, one around noon and one around 6 p.m.:

And almost right after, that there will be a statement from the President just after 11 CT:

So now, we wait. Does this mean that the police presence is merely being disbanded? Or does this mean that we’ll be seeing the National Guard and a real curfew tonight?

I can tell you which will make things worse.