Does the Sneaker Have to Matter?

I don’t always agree with Tom Bissell, but you should read his interview with Ken Levine about Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite on Grantland. A great quote:

I think it’s undeniable to say the forms in which people consume quality content change, the way they pay for it changes, and the places where they want to consume it change. Technology has been an amazingly creative and destructive force — it’s been a creatively destructive force. If you look at traditional TV shows, and people were worried about the end of the drama … remember that, a few years ago? I tend not to spend a lot of time being anxious about things. I tend to spend the time looking for opportunity. Because the Earth will turn. You can choose to try to stop it from turning, but it will turn. There are truths. The sun will go up and the sun will go down. And I think that you have to count on those truths. Quality matters. Focus on your craft.

If you’ve never played Bioshock, you really should. I’ll be digging into Infinite starting today and can figure that it won’t take my very long to get through it.