Using Postbox and Rules to Route Emails

Just picked up this tweet conversation from some colleagues of mine and I wanted to add my own notes:

The obvious disadvantage to this is that you can miss something that might really need your attention if it comes from a specific person. (We have a good amount of emails at work that are automated for various reasons and actually use it quite sparingly to actually tak to each other.)

So I have some rules set up in Postbox that will shift emails that come from specific colleagues from my work email to my personal email—this assures that I receive it in the personal box and it gets taken care of.

I just leave one copy of Postbox running 24/7 and only put sort rules into that copy of the app. It even works when I am travelling or in another situation where I will not be able to feasibly check my work email with any efficiency. If I come up with a new sort rule that should be added, I drop myself a Things task to add it and it comes up in my morning task review.

This has freed me from putting my work email on my iPhone or iPad and leaving those devices only for my personal account.

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