From the Earth to the Moon Teapot


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  1. O my God! My husband has been looking for that teapot for over 12 years now.
    Does anyone know, where I can buy it???

    1. As far as I know, this example is in a personal collection that is on loan to the St. Louis Science Center and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

    2. I have one exactly the same, I don’t remember where I bought it. I collect tea pots.

      1. Kate, do you have any pictures of the teapot? Can you tell who made it, where (Japan?). Would you share the info?

        1. I just bought this same teapot off of Craigslist in Athens ,Ohio and I’m trying to find out WHO, WHEN this teapot was made also,,, mine has a sticker on the bottom that states ..Made In Japan ..I called the St. Lewis Science Center and they still have thier’s on display and they no nothing of it’s origin…Tom

          1. I’m replying to your email and you ask for a picture of the tea pot but I can’t see how to attach one here.
            The label on the bottom of the tea pot reads

            “Exclusively designed by (Copyright) Roy Simpson for J. Luber”

  2. My daughter remembers that I bought it in a shop selling tea pots in the covered market in Oxford. Sadly the shop has closed down.

  3. Can anyone tell me when and who made this teapot??? I have one and I’m trying to find out more about it…

  4. Hello , V Gallenberger, I see you and I are on the same quest… Good Luck.. I have that same teapot , and it has a sticker on the bottom that is blue background with white letters that states….MADE IN JAPAN…. The pictures of the teapot on ASTROMART are of my teapot ..Dave is helping me reserch this teapot

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