AT&T: Capping My Style


AT&T says it will implement a 150GB monthly cap on landline DSL customers and a 250GB cap on subscribers to U-Verse high speed internet starting on May 2nd. AT&T will also charge overage fees of $10 for every additional 50GB of data, with two grace periods to start out — in other words, the third month you go over the cap is when you’ll get charged. DSLReports says it has confirmation from AT&T that these rates are legitimate, and that letters will go out to customers starting March 18th.

AT&T says that this will only affect about “2%” of their customers, but does anyone want to wager that I’m in the 2%?

I recently canceled my U-Verse television service and elected to receive my content over a combination of OTA HD and streaming services like iTunes/AppleTV and a subscription to I was planning on having two or three baseball games on in the background per day. I suppose the fact that I’m not paying their ridiculous TV subscription rates but still finding ways to consume content makes me a “bad customer.”

I would jump ship to Charter, but I’ve had experience with their customer service before, and I don’t really want to go through that again. I’m also pretty sure that it’s only a matter of time before every ISP in the US is capping bandwidth like this.


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    1. To be somewhat fair, this is a pretty high bandwidth cap, and the price for overage isn’t complete highway robbery, but it’s still ridiculous.

  1. What sucks is that we ONLY have two choices. Okay three (no internet), but still we don’t have many options.

    I’m crossing my fingers that Google will pick our city for Google Fiber, although what I really want is more competition.

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