Adding Specific Sharing Services to Sharedaddy or Jetpack

113 thoughts on “Adding Specific Sharing Services to Sharedaddy or Jetpack”

    1. I have looked into it and have contacted Pinterest about it but unfortunately the sharing function requires the use of some Javascript and so can’t be added manually to sharing options.

      1. My wife just noticed that there are “Pin It” buttons on articles at I had a look at the code behind them and it looked really complicated. If you do happen to figure out how to make it work, many would be interested. Thanks!

          1. It’s not much, but a quick way to append Pinterest pin button to the sharedaddy buttons: via jQuery (did a quick tutorial). Really just appending there goodies link to the last list element.

          2. Unfortunately, those methods aren’t available to users on, so they can’t use a fully-supported Pinterest button at this time.

  1. Hi, the Pinboard code leads to a login that doesn’t recognise legitimate login data, so I’m guessing they’ve changed how to share there :( Any update of the code?

    Thanks :)

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