i’m moving this thing – so please follow me if you can

Well, I’ve decided that LiveJournal really doesn’t offer me what I would like as far as features and ease of use (or extensibility, for that matter), so what I’m going to do is move my journal over to <a href=”http://movabletype.org”>Movable Type</a>. Since I have my own webspace and it’s fairly easy to set up and use, I’m going to slide it over there and will make entries on a regular basis, of course.

I can even control the content as much as I want and change things around without the goofiness of the current LJ interface – and I don’t have to pay anything more than what I’m already paying for webhosting.

For now, you can reach the site at


and read up on what’s going on.

If you’d like to keep me in your LiveJournal friends list, I have a syndication feed available for you all to use. It will take one RDF point from your LJ account (if you don’t know what those are, don’t worry about it), but you’ll be able to receive at least the headlines and the opening of my entires, and then you can check the full thing if you want. It’ll fit neatly into the interface for friends you already have.

Just add <lj user=”markelblog”> to your friends list. If you check the LJ user, you’ll get a journal with a blank template and just headlines, but if you add it as a friend, you’ll get the full feed.

I’ll keep up with you all by friends view, and try to poke my head in as often as possible (I use LJ for syndication viewing myself).

See you there.

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  1. So that’s what these weird notification emails were all about, in the past few days!

    How did you import these old posts? They shouldn’t trigger any subscription emails, but it seems like they did. You might have found a Jetpack bug! :)

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