A Five-Year-Old Reviews Five NES Games

Mike Diver for Waypoint:

I managed to get my hands on a Classic, and immediately wanted to share these old games, ones I remember from my childhood, with my own kids. I’ve a five-year-old son, who loves Super Mario Maker and Minecraft. He’s taking his first steps into video gaming, as I was at his age, and he was willing, if not quite eager, to check out some of these vintage experiences. And, naturally, I thought about a way to turn this father-son playtime into #content.

I asked him to give me his opinion on five of the featured games, selected with no influence from me, after five minutes of play. First impressions are everything when you’ve 30 options at hand, after all. Plus, the attention span of your average five year old isn’t all that incredible. Here’s what he thought.

Spoiler: a lot of kids (well, probably not a lot; Nintendo made like seventeen of these things) are probably going to be disappointed with their Christmas presents this year.

But I’d agree with this five-year-old in that Kirby’s Adventure holds up a lot better than many NES titles. It’s still great.