Faunts, “High Expectations/Low Results”

I discovered Faunts through their tracks included with the Mass Effect soundtrack albums. (Expect those to make an appearance at some point.) But their best work is their first: this lovely, completely chill EP that’s the length of most full albums.

This is what I listen to when I need to hit the zone at work. It’s light and relaxing without being sleepy, melancholy and reflective without being depressing. There’s some noise and floating lyrics that combine to make something that flows from one track to the next and always captures my attention. A strong beat appears when it needs to and recedes into the background when it’s no longer important.

If you like shoegaze with a tinge of electronic rock, with a sound that is both dream and space at once, I’d recommend this to you in a heartbeat. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Or, if you’d rather buy it outright, it’s here on Amazon and here on iTunes.