Glossary Monsoon

I’ve been enjoying going through some of the archive on the new WWE Network, which really is a pretty nifty thing. If you’ve been curious about what they are doing, you might also be taking a spin through the archives. If so, you are being exposed to the stylings of Gorilla Monsoon, who was a character of a guy.

You’ll notice that he has his own broadcast wrestling vocabulary. Here’s your guide.

breadbasket – an area on the body of a wrestler extending from the waist up to the neck

capacity crowd – any crowd at any event, regardless of the stated occupancy limit of the venue or the number of tickets sold

cutting the flow of oxygen to the brain – what happens whenever one wrestler holds another anywhere within about six inches of the throat area; the wrestler being held appears sleepy until the referee tries to drop the arm the third time

high-risk maneuver – anything originating from the top turnbuckle, usually before it backfires

intestinal fortitude – what a face ((A face is a “good guy” in wrestling parlance.)) has when he is getting the crap beat out of him

(name) is like a house of fire – usually used in tag team matches; when a wrestler enters the ring and starts going to town on one or (often) more other wrestlers

pandemonium – any situation that makes the crowd go crazy

Pearl Harbor job – anything that is supposed to be a surprise, regardless of how it looked

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