A Game a Week. I Can Do That.

I’ve had this blog up for a bit and unfortunately, all I’ve managed to post has been one essay on a game that very few people seem to understand and a couple of quick things about a game that’s maybe the best Flash game ever to exist.

In all that, the original goal—clearing out some of the insane backlog of games I have accumulated—has kind of been lost. So what I’d like to do is give myself a little goal.

All I need to do is finish 52 games in 52 weeks. I’d like to clear one game for every week of 2013. I know this will come in bursts, depending in the types of games I’m playing. If it’s something open-world or an RPG, I know it’s going to take a bit longer and might eat up a couple of weeks. But at the same time, I might be playing something on DS or iOS that will get cleared in the interim.

Originally, I had wanted to stream a lot of the gameplay I was doing. I’m probably still going to do that occasionally, with absolutely no expectation that anyone will care, because to be honest watching someone else just *play* a game is rather boring. And I managed to break my microphone, so I’ll need to finish cobbling together a setup for that if I still want to talk while I’m doing it.

You can, of course, see the backlog here any time you want. If you think there’s something I should be attacking or a favorite of yours in the pile, just let me know.