Frog Fractions UNFAIL

So it turns out that Frog Fractions will work just fine so long as you aren’t using Safari (coincidentally the finest browser on earth). I switched to Chrome and it worked great.

If you never played games in the 80’s on, say, an Apple ][, it won’t make as much sense to you I don’t think, but there’s a little something for everyone in the game.

The first game I’ve finished in 2013, and definitely not the last. It’s not often that you run into something that riffs on MECC software, Star Fox, text adventures, bullet hell shooters, and a frog becoming President over a bunch of bugs all in the same night.

As a game, it’s a bit uneven (I had a hard time with the bullet hell stuff), but as an experience and a joyride through my gaming nostalgia, it was a lot of fun.

(And thanks to Jim Crawford—the game’s developer—for not getting too pissed when this Dvorak snob bitched at him on Twitter about what ended up being Safari’s problem.)