Guys! ROB SCHNEIDER Was at the Cards Game!

Let’s file this under “Post-Dispatch What?”

First, the post declares him a “film star.” I think perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Second, wasn’t he just at a Cubs game wearing a Cubs jersey and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”? ONE CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS.

Why is there an article about this? And they went to the trouble to take his picture for the article. The guy is trying to watch a baseball game—this is sacrosanct time. Don’t interrupt him for a fluff piece for the paper.

But at least there’s this:

“Cardinal fans are way too nice,” said the affable actor who was in town to perform at Lumiere Casino. “I mean here I was, in full battle gear with the hat and the jersey, and people are buying me drinks and food. Basically, you guys are the anti-Philly fans. I love it.”

I can say that I am proud—proud—that you can consider St. Louis to be the anti-Philly.

And this:

Schneider said Giants fans don’t hate the Cardinals. “I think it’s basically a friendly rivalry. But you guys are the Yankees of the National League.”

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.